Camper Trailers

Turn your car into camper with our all-in-one multi-purpose camper trailer! The camper trailer is equipped with a soft-shell tent and a camping kitchen. The body of the trailer is made of high quality polyethylene, which makes it light, durable and stylish. It provides plenty of space for your camping gear. The lid is an effective platform not only for a rooftop tent but also for various kinds of sports equipment. The KNOTT suspension provides great support through the bumpiest terrains.


Camping, Travel, Off-road, Hunting, Fishing, Sports, Skiing, Cycling, Golf, Surfing, Diving, Kayaking etc.

Key benefits:

  • All-purpose trailer made from durable polyethylene (UV protected).
  • Lightweight and aerodynamic, it can be towed by a small city car.
  • Easy to tow and maneuver with spacious luggage compartment.
  • Can be used for transportation of sports equipment, camping gear, etc.
  • No special category of Driving Licence is required.
  • Creates less drag than roof mounted carrier systems and improves fuel efficiency.
  • Weather-proof and lockable, it provides secure storage and transport of goods.
  • Will not rust or rot, has a removable lid and has low maintenance requirements.

Car2Camp reserves the right to change the technical specifications at any time without notice.